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after TOEIC

I took the TOEIC test yesterday. As I mentioned in my another blog, I forgot carrying a watch with me, that's why at first I couldn't increase my motivation. While listening narration, I couldn't concentrate on it, and missed some words. As for me, listening English is more difficult than reading. Almost everyday I read something in English, so documentations printed on the TOEIC TEST are easy to understand, I guess. On the other side, I don't listen something in English so often. In my opinion, you can get higher score in the TOEIC TEST soon if you listen and read something in English like TV dramas, movies, and paperbacks. Sentences and expressions used in that test are simple, and answers can be easily uniquely identified. If you use natural English everyday, you may easily answer questions in the test, as natural English used in everyday conversation and news are more difficult and sometimes complex. Textbooks for the test are also helpful, but I'll use those materials just before taking a test. Don't rely on too much, don't expect too much. This is what I've learned while preparing for the test.

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electronic dictionary

Today I'm going to buy an electronic dictionary. I already have one my husband bought for me, but its contents are simple and not enough for translators. That's why I've researched various types to buy. I checked some web sites and especially some blogs written by translators. Those pages are very useful and I finally can decide which to buy. That model is specialized for engineers and translators, and its cost performance is incredibly good. Actually, many good translators use good tools, so using those tools is one of the keys to deliver good results. After I get and use the new one, I'll give my impression.

This weekend, I'm going to take the TOEIC TEST. Almost a half year has passed since I took the test last time. Of course I want to get a good score, but currently I need to study for translating and that's why it's difficult to spend much time for the TOEIC TEST. I don't think I can get full score now, but I need to finish taking the test so often. Getting a full score is one way to terminate taking tests. I've spent a lot for TOEIC text books and exam fee. So it's time to quit spending time and money for tests.

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I'm a bit surprised to see some people visit this blog. Actually, I've totally forgot about this blog, but I'm happy to know the fact that some read my pages. I usually don't check my access analysis, so I don't know who you are and why you are here, but I want to write something about that cannot be posted on my another blog.
Now I should prepare for jogging. Anyway, have a good day today and be happy as always!!
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think about.....

Hi there! long time no see.
I know there's no one reading this blog here, but that's why I wanna write something here in this blog. Honestly, I'm gonna stop taking some exams relating to English, the STEP test or something like that. I've spend a bunch of time learning "ABOUT ENGLISH", but now I have to learn about "USING English", so it seems wastes of time spending prepareing for taking those kinds of tests. Of course there are many blogger/people who have to get good scores for promotion or something,especially in the TOEIC test. But in that case, I have no need to get good scores in the test, because I'm a freelancer and no one evaluate me using test results.

My last posting in this blog was about the TOEIC SW test. At that time when I wrote that article, it might be good for me to take that, because I needed to esteem myself especially in speaking and writing. Actually, many people learning English don't have oppotunities to use English, so taking tests like the TOEIC can be a good motivation to those who learn English. Some say "USING English is the best and only way to learn Enlish", but I can say that most of English learners aren't able to use English in our daily lives. Sometimes it cost lots, and honestly, most of us want to evaluate our improvement in some ways. The TOEIC test is a good way to check an improvement even though it can evaluate only in reading and listening.

I'm writing some negative prospects about taking exams, but I still believe taking these kinds of test can be a good meanings to achive our goals. I could get a job through tests, though I didn't have any experience in translating -- now I'm working as a translater and checker, though still quite novice.

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I've decided to take the TOEIC SPEAKING & WRITING test in this year. Now I want to take it in April. To begin with, I'll buy a textbook for it. Honesetly, I've tried the prep test uploaded on the ETS's web site. It seems to contain almost all kinds of test procedure: read text aroud, discribe a picture, answer some questions, and so on. They aren't easy for me ofcourse, but it's worth trying. And actually, I want to check my speaking ability. Of course I need to check my writing skill, but now I've taken the EIKEN test for four times. That's why I'm curious about my speaking.
Actually, this blog is good for me to practice typing essays or letters in English. In that test, I have to type a couple of e-mails and a 300-word essay. I'm not get used to type in English, although I can type faster in Japanese. Once I used a keyboard made for English typing, so it won't be difficult to adjust myself typing in English way. But I found that they offer a keyboard made for Japanese typing changing some settings for English typing. That's ridiculous. They should buy new keyboards for this test! However, I understand that they have to use those Japanese-style keyboard because other exams based on ITP have to use the same venues.
Anyway, I look forward to taking the test in two months. It'll be good opportunity, and I don't have to care about the result seriously; they give me a score. In the EIKEN test, I can't get anything if I'm not good at the test and all I can get is a big dissapointment. It seems challenging but actually, it's heartless.
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