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Hi there! I'm rinco.
I was born and live in japan. I quit my job last year and am a homemaker now.
As my manager was an American once in my ex-job, I started learning English but still struggling with it. Actually, there are so many mistakes in my journals but i don't care it. This blog is just my room so I'll talk to myself and keep some memorandums here.

All journals here are some simple memorandums, but I'll be happy if you see here. If you find some mistakes and kindly correct them, I really appreciate it.


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Fly To The Air

When i was in University, i wanted be an air traffic controller at an airport. One of my friends-in-high school had been working as an ATC and it made me excited when i heard some stories from her. 'Course they need to speak English, that's because they command pilots only in English even though both of them are Japanese. Actually, i applied for it a couple of times and took tests but couldn't pass it. I believe I was able to answer those questions well in that English test, but it was really difficult to pass it because only ten out of around one thousand candidates could be successful in it. Ten!! One thousand!! Are you serious?

I was really dissapointed when I missed it, but that's life. Actually, I don't have a sense of direction.

My friend mentioned above passed away in her twenties because of the accident. I sometimes remember her and our younger days.

Last spring, one of my friends-in-English school became an ATC. She was very keen to learn English and other subjects. She reminds me of my memories in twenties and it motivates me to learn more.

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Eating Out

As my husband had got this month's salary, we went out for dinner to an Italian restaurant.
We go to some restaurants once in a while when we get a salary, so deciding which restaurant to go is an exciting issue between us. Generally, they can enjoy various kinds of food here in Japan such as Chinese food, Italian food, Korean food, and so on. Plus, most of those restaurants can serve good dishes with reasonable prices. So many people in Japan may say that eating out is one of their hobbies, I suppose.We also are able to enjoy some good wines imported from various countries here in Japan. Some imported wines are a little more expensive than original countries, but selecting a good wine with a reasonable price also is fun!

Actually, everything was fabulous at the restaurant we went and I gulped a couple of glasses of wine Ummm. I should have taken some photos for this blog. And I totally forgot that I've been going on a diet.
That's OK. I'll jog a little longer to burn some extra calories tomorrow.
Are you enjoying anything fun?

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Going On A Diet

As I mentioned previously, I've been going on a diet recently. It started in the middle of May, because I noticed that I couldn't wear my pants-suits. Honestly, i have gain some extra weight after quitting my ex-job and haven't exercised. The company which my husband works at has a benefit package including some tickets for gyms, and actually I had contracted to the gym for about five years, so there are so many oppotunities to do exercise. Nevertheless, it was a little tough for me to attend those exercise courses regularly. After deciding to go on a diet, I began jogging in the morning or before supper. At first, only a two-hundreds-meter-jog made me burnout and it seemed almost difficult for me to run several kilometers at a time. I still didn't give up and tried to running as much as possible I could, so now I can run six kilometers, in terms of mile, 3.7, at a time. As i can run longer, my weight has begun decrease steadly, so I've lost four kilos weight during these two months. Now my suits fit me, but I still wanna lose a coule of additional weight.

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My Goal?

A famous ace Japanese astronaut Koich Wakata returned to the earth the other day. He and I graduated from the same University, so I feel close to him, though he surely is older than me. After he compleated his first mission in space, he returned to Japan and visit our University to make a speech in honor for students. When he achieved his first mission, he was thirty or thirty-one years old and now I've already become older than that age. To see his achievement, I ask myself from time to time if I have achieved something. I've studied English for TOEIC or STEP test, but can it be my goal? No, absolutely no. But what should I do?
Honestly, there are some goals to achieve in my mind but I won't reveal them here. I will reach my goal to some extent in three years and read this journal again at that time.
BTW, the astronaut mentioned above looked very cute in his thirties. His wife appeared in a TV show and spoke Japanese and English very fluently. Actually, she is neither a Japanese nor an American. The answer is...., she is a German, but her Japanese and English are really really fluent. Maybe she also has tried hard to support her husband and see the same goal that he has. My husband is three years yonger than me, and have I supported him in life? To be honest, YES!!

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