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Thank to some progresses especially on the net, I'm able to learn other lauguages on some web sites. "Lang-8", the kind of language-exchange service on the net, is now one of the famous sites for Englsh learners, I suppose. If you post your journal on it in Englsh, some English speakers will read and also check its grammar and correct it. Meanwhile, if you are a Japanese and would like to support someone, you may read some journals written in Japanese and correct them. When I first found this service at this time of last year, I really appreciated it and posted some journals. Almost all of my journals were checked and some readers kindly left enjoyable comments. Some English speaker who has been learning Japanese offered me to do language exchange using Skipe, but it seems a little inconvenient because of the time difference. I'm not a keen writer on that site and actually, was absent for long period of time, I started posting some journals again. but... as I checked my journals, no comment left there. The reasons I come up with are: 1)my journals are a little too long, 2)there is no mistake, 3)boring. Anyway, it made me decide to write in Englsh without someone's support, so I opened the new account for the blog to write.
And Of course, a blogospherical debate casted by some blogger pushing us for writing journals only in Englsh made me to step forward. hahaha

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