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essay; Space exploration

Many people see space exploration as a valuable experiment, but others see it as a huge waste of time. I believe, however, that space exploration has many advantages.
First, space exploration has brought many developments of technology. Weather forecast is one of the technologies now we use. Many satellites have flown in the space and people can acquire more precise information than ever. Almost all people now rely on its information today.
Second, there is an possibility of space tourism. Once it comes true, huge benefits will be brought to tourism industry and others. Over a hundred years ago, no one thought people could fly, but now aircraft have brought huge benefits on our life.
Of course, space exploration costs much. However, now many countries share its costs, technology, and facilities to conduct surveys. Sharing costs is less risky and people can share its benefits, too.
It surely costs much to develop the space, but it has brought some benefits and still there are many possibilities which may our life do better. Space exploration has many advantages to continue.

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