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No idea, No sense

I haven't posted my journal recently. As I mentioned in another blog, I coudln't passed the EIKEN test held in last month. I've noticed that it's difficult to write something in English once I have a break of writing. Actually, there's no idea what to write. That's why I haven't logged in my blog. However, the counter shows there've been some visiters to this blog everyday, so I appreciate your visitting.
Now I re-start English learning, especially focusing on conversation. I listen to an English program broadcasted by NHK and read the textbook aloud many times everyday. To me, reading a textbook is a kind of practice, so I don't expect that I'll use these expressions written in the book. However, it's necessary to speak something in English everyday not to forget the sense of English. I haven't spoken English recently because I'd been busy cramming for the EIKEN test. Now I've decided to study English as much as I can, and everything I can do. Speaking, reading, listening, writing, and vocaburary. That' why I start posting journals on this blog again and will post some essays aimed for the test. And I'll write longer journals. The longer, the better, to practice writing English.

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