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Catch A Wave

Since I had graduated from high school and came to Fukuoka to go to university, I lived on my own before I get married. As you may imagine, I was not good at cooking and other household chores. So when I found the advertisement of a cooking school, I applied for it. Before joining it, I felt a little nervous due to my poor cooking skill, but actually, most of the students there seemed beginner level, and another thing, some were really awkward. lol
In addition to that school, I joined some workshops or schools such as a financial seminar, a speeching seminar, a PC course, and others. Some of those participants are already highly skilled, and they all are very voracious to acquire something new more and more. Their keen attitude toward leaning opportunities makes me uplift, and I'm able to learn many things from them. That's why I sometimes check the information for some seminars to attend.

BTW,when I first took a course provided by ALC(it probably was aimed at TOEIC 730), a free ticket was included for seminars they held.I wanted to join some, however, I couldn't apply for them because I didn't have any confidence in my English. About a decade has passed since then, and now ALC seldom offers those seminars here in Fukuoka. Of course there are various, captivating seminars held in Tokyo or Osaka, but here in Kyushu, there aren't so many opportunities. So, what I want to say is, you should catch the opportunity at hand, or you'll miss it and it'll never come again.

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