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Having written some articles everyday since I opened this blog, I've found that there is a lot of room for improvement of my English writing skill but I don't know how to brush it up. Almost the same expressions appear on this blog again and again, and it seems a bit boring. Of course I know that "writing a lot" is the only and the most important way to improve, but I need some help to write more effectively. There are some useful SNS like Lang-8, facebook, and Twitter provided for free, but now I want some proficient teachers to check my writings though it may cost a bit. That's why now I'm gathering information about some service for correcting English writing. There are some sites providing that service, and now I'm very curious about one of the famous service named "Eigo-Bin", which is relatively inexpensive. It first appeared a couple years ago and there were some advertisements posted in some magazines such as NHK-language textbooks, and I once kicked it around. However, I found Lang-8 a moment later and it seemed good enough for me at that time.

Of course I need essay-practice for STEP(Eiken)-1st grade, but Eigo-bin provides some more practices such as business-writing, book-review and other topics to write. Plus, this professional service will provides me some more useful, colourful expressions to use. It also give me a book written in English at every 100 letters or essays I write. It seems a bit tough to write 100 journals a month, but it can be a good motivation to write more and I'll be pleased if many people read and response them. To write more effectively and variedly, using this service may be one of the good options to choose. Has anyone experienced this program?

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