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I mentioned EIGOBIN yesterday and honestly, I joined it for one-week-trial after I wrote that article, and then, contracted it on the same day!! It seems fun and many members write letters, diaries, and essays. Some of the top members write really, really many essays, so I was so astonished to see their volume of writings. How many words do they write a day? Probably, some TOP members write two thousands or more words a day! How studious they are! To see their attitude, I feel some strong emotion toward English spread in my mind. I'll write more and more, then I'll make some of my journals corrected at EIGOBIN and show you the corrected ones here. As the instructor of EIGOBIN says their way of correction may be a little strict, so there may be a lot of corrections on my writings. Some members translate an article in newspapers written in Japanese into English, so they must already be highly skilled. Within an hour since I registered, I received the first mail from a member. She says that she studies English and is preparing for studying abroad.
I'll write a essay for the STEP test and post it for correction during this week. I've never had my EIKEN-essay corrected before, so I'll see what's wrong with my essays. Of course I once studied some English schools and submitted journals and essays to them, so I somewhat know what my weakness is.
I haven't submitted my journal for correction at EIGOBIN, but I've written some and will choose which one to be corrected. I really look forward to it.

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