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I've been learning English for a couple of years, and especially last year, studied for the TOEIC and STEP tests. Of course it was useful for me to check English grammar, build up my vocabulary, read some textbooks in English. However, what I wanna do is express my ideas in English especially in some official situation. So writing and speaking something in English is more important to conduct some operations in English at the office. That's why I reviewed my way of learning, and then I gave up using textbooks written for those kinds of tests. Of course I use those materials from time to time to check my achievement, but they aren't my main tools any more. Honestly, it's not cool using textbooks written in Japanese for English study. In my opinion, when they've achieved to some extent, like 800+ on the TOEIC test, they can read newspapers and listen some radios in English. Actually, most of the students I met at the school where I studied didn't use any textbook written in Japanese, even though their test score was not so good. They were preparing for studying abroad, so they'd already known that using ones written in Japanese was not helpful for them in the long run. They have to read a bunch of books for study, and solve every single problem using only English when they've gone abroad. Their those attitudes were totally different from what many other learners have. They've abandoned using Japanese in the early stage of studying. This is the knack for acquiring another language, I suppose.

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