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Strawberry Shortcake Murder (A Hannah Swensen Murder)Strawberry Shortcake Murder (A Hannah Swensen Murder)
Joanne Fluke


I've tackled this series of novels curretly. The first novel of this series costs only $5 or so, that's why I decided to try this book though I usually don't read mystery novels in English. Of course I like those ones written in Japanese, but it's a little tough for me to read in English because I'm always confused remenbering the characters' names in it. Plus I don't like the description of murder. However, this novel doesn't describe the scene of murder in detail, so I can read it without awful feeling. That's why these novels are called as a "cozy-miystery". Actually, this story is written in plain English and the author is an American. So it's easy to understand and actually, many extensive readers in Japan recommend this one as a first reading of paperbacks. In addition, the author has written over ten books as " A Hannah Swensen Mystery with recipes". This series includes at least seven recipes each, and all of them appear in the story, too. Readers see mouth-watering deserts in the story, and then they can make the same ones refering the recipes in the book. I don't usually bake cakes by myself, but I'd like to try some easy ones. Now I'm reading her second novel "STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE MURDER", and this story is fun, too. Honestly, I've already got three other books of this series. I'll be anintensive reader of these novels during next month.

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