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NOT Reading Aloud

Received new books I had ordered from AMAZON. I've already read over seven hundred thousand words since I started extensive reading, and recently, I've found that I come up with little Japanese while I'm reading. This is the first efficacy of extensive reading, I suppose. I'm reading about ten thousand words a day on average, and twenty-five pages an hour. Without Japanese, I can read them faster than ever, so this may be a virtuous circle of reading. Of course I want to speed up my reading speed as fast as I can, and it is necessity to give up reading out passages in my mind while reading. Reading out in my mind slows my reading speed, but it's difficult to stop this habit. I sometimes try to read passages much faster, then find that I don't understand the story well eventually. Speed reading may need some kind of training, and it is time for me to try it. When I've finished reading over one million words, any Japanese won't pop up while reading, I hope. At first I started extensive reading as a reading training, but now it's become one of my hobbies. Now I'm tackling listening audiobooks, and it's becoming fun, too. They are now some part of my life. So I'll add the news dictation as my new English training. Up until now, I take dictation of CNN Express from time to time, but from now on, I'll do it at least ten times a month. The result of my new training will appear on my blog next month. I should try hard to report a good result!

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