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Woke up late this morning. Every morning I make a lunch box for my husband, but couldn't do today. My husband works a shift work, so he sometimes goes to the office on weekends and takes day off on week day. I preferred to take day off on week day though he doesn't like it, because I could go shopping or trip less expensive, and didn't worry about traffic jams. When I was younger, I didn't like working on weekends, that's because I wanted to meet my friends and go snowboarding or short trips with them. We'd like to go Okinawa this month or next, but there may be many people in the mid of this month, called " SILVER WEEK", a new middle holiday in Japan. I want to stay at the hotel built a couple years ago, and enjoy some activites. This may be my second trip Okinawa. My husband once lived there in his childhood due to his father's transfer. At that time, food was not good and there wasn't any interesting thing, he says. So Okinawa is not a good memory for him. Honestly, I'm not so thrilled staying in Okinawa, because I was born and raised in Miyazaki, whose scenery and climate are a bit similar to that of Okinawa. However, the mild temperature and friendly people make me relax and actually I like staying near the sea. If my husband were able to take a longer vacation, we could go to Hawaii instead...

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