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As I mentioned previously, I'm a member of AUDIBLE.COM. As a member, I can get one free audio-book a month, and be able to buy other ones at a cheaper price. Plus, they provides me some interviews and stories for free. As one of those free materials, I'm subscribing the audio version of THE NEW YORK TIMES every day. AUDIBLE.COM provides the audio of THE NEW YORK TIMES and WALL STREET JOURNAL every morning for free. It contains the headline of today's news and reads some articles for almost an hour. We just download and put them into our iPod and listen them in a car or somewhere. It seems really good service. Though it's difficult to understand those news in English, it's a bit easier than CNN or other news programs on TV. The reader reads the news clear and a bit slower, and the sentences are easy to understand than those of CNN. Last month, I subscribed WSJ and it reported the result of an election held in Japan. It was less difficult to understand thanks to my knowledge. And of course, others are too difficult to understand especially regarding economics in the US. This month I've switched to NYT, but some say that it contains some articles in the anti-Japanese way. umm.

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