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Do you wanna write an essay?

I've not written essays for the STEP Test recently. I realized that I should write essays more to improve my writing skill, just as you should read the TIME magazine if you want to be able to read and understand the TIME. I've applied for the test, and am going to take it next month. Honestly, I've not tackle workbooks for the test, just reading and listening some novels instead. Since last year, many bloggers have popped up on the net and a big network has been built among them. Many of them are reviewing the books they bought, and it makes me mesmerize to buy the same ones. However, I've found that reading novels is really fun and don't feel like doing those workbooks recently. It may be the time to read books and listen for the audios in English now, I think. Anyway, tomorrow is the TOEIC Test day and I hope they will do the best. I'm not going to take it, but will be there as my job.

Anyway, as I mentioned first on this article, I should tackle the essay. I'll write at least one essay tonight and post it on EIGOBIN. The corrected one will appear on this blog after I receive it.

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