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beep-beep calling

There's something soooo awful noise with my macbook. Some of mac users already have reported the same experience and they say that just exchanging the fan will solve this problem. First, my husband opened this PC to examine the fan and flattened the panel. After this quick fixing, the noise has almost disappeared. However, sometimes the noise come again when I use it for more than thirty minutes or so. That's why I give up using my PC so often, then only check some web sites and blogs I really like to see. It takes ten minutes or so, then I turn off my PC and start listening the audio-book with my iPod. This may be good for me as I can use my time more efficiently. Of course there are other PCs in my house and my husband's just bought the new one last month, but I won't use them. Most of time spending on the net seems just waste of time for me, actually. Plus, I have to think and type my journals for this blog and EIGOBIN in English so quickly to finish within thirty minutes before beep whistle rings. This is a good exercise, isn't it?

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