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Going On A Diet

As I mentioned previously, I've been going on a diet recently. It started in the middle of May, because I noticed that I couldn't wear my pants-suits. Honestly, i have gain some extra weight after quitting my ex-job and haven't exercised. The company which my husband works at has a benefit package including some tickets for gyms, and actually I had contracted to the gym for about five years, so there are so many oppotunities to do exercise. Nevertheless, it was a little tough for me to attend those exercise courses regularly. After deciding to go on a diet, I began jogging in the morning or before supper. At first, only a two-hundreds-meter-jog made me burnout and it seemed almost difficult for me to run several kilometers at a time. I still didn't give up and tried to running as much as possible I could, so now I can run six kilometers, in terms of mile, 3.7, at a time. As i can run longer, my weight has begun decrease steadly, so I've lost four kilos weight during these two months. Now my suits fit me, but I still wanna lose a coule of additional weight.

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