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essay; Agree or disagree: The Internet should be subject to censorship

Agree or disagree: The Internet should be subject to censorship

Under the Japanese constitution, everyone has right to write and speak anything freely. I believe, however, that some authorities should censor the Internet in today’s society.
Firstly, censorship can protect us from Internet fraud. Now many people use online-shopping and auction sites, but some of them have experience of being cheated. Their ways of cheating have become more complicated and it is difficult to protect us from these crimes. Some specific censorship should be applied to solve this problem.
Secondly, there are many illegal pornography on the net. People can easily upload this kind of photos and sell or buy them on the Internet. In Japan, a lot of illegal pornography has been circulating on the net, but there is few effective law to regulate it. It is about time to enact a strict law for these illegal photos.
Lastly, it has become necessary to prevent children from harassment on the net. It is reported that some students have committed suicide due to the bullying on the net. Now young children or students can easily access to the net, so it is important for them to be protected from these dangerous and harmful information.
In conclusion, there are dangerous and criminal information on the net, though there is not a effective protection for it. I believe that the Internet should be censored by the organization.

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