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My Goal?

A famous ace Japanese astronaut Koich Wakata returned to the earth the other day. He and I graduated from the same University, so I feel close to him, though he surely is older than me. After he compleated his first mission in space, he returned to Japan and visit our University to make a speech in honor for students. When he achieved his first mission, he was thirty or thirty-one years old and now I've already become older than that age. To see his achievement, I ask myself from time to time if I have achieved something. I've studied English for TOEIC or STEP test, but can it be my goal? No, absolutely no. But what should I do?
Honestly, there are some goals to achieve in my mind but I won't reveal them here. I will reach my goal to some extent in three years and read this journal again at that time.
BTW, the astronaut mentioned above looked very cute in his thirties. His wife appeared in a TV show and spoke Japanese and English very fluently. Actually, she is neither a Japanese nor an American. The answer is...., she is a German, but her Japanese and English are really really fluent. Maybe she also has tried hard to support her husband and see the same goal that he has. My husband is three years yonger than me, and have I supported him in life? To be honest, YES!!

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