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I've decided to take the TOEIC SPEAKING & WRITING test in this year. Now I want to take it in April. To begin with, I'll buy a textbook for it. Honesetly, I've tried the prep test uploaded on the ETS's web site. It seems to contain almost all kinds of test procedure: read text aroud, discribe a picture, answer some questions, and so on. They aren't easy for me ofcourse, but it's worth trying. And actually, I want to check my speaking ability. Of course I need to check my writing skill, but now I've taken the EIKEN test for four times. That's why I'm curious about my speaking.
Actually, this blog is good for me to practice typing essays or letters in English. In that test, I have to type a couple of e-mails and a 300-word essay. I'm not get used to type in English, although I can type faster in Japanese. Once I used a keyboard made for English typing, so it won't be difficult to adjust myself typing in English way. But I found that they offer a keyboard made for Japanese typing changing some settings for English typing. That's ridiculous. They should buy new keyboards for this test! However, I understand that they have to use those Japanese-style keyboard because other exams based on ITP have to use the same venues.
Anyway, I look forward to taking the test in two months. It'll be good opportunity, and I don't have to care about the result seriously; they give me a score. In the EIKEN test, I can't get anything if I'm not good at the test and all I can get is a big dissapointment. It seems challenging but actually, it's heartless.
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