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Hi there! long time no see.
I know there's no one reading this blog here, but that's why I wanna write something here in this blog. Honestly, I'm gonna stop taking some exams relating to English, the STEP test or something like that. I've spend a bunch of time learning "ABOUT ENGLISH", but now I have to learn about "USING English", so it seems wastes of time spending prepareing for taking those kinds of tests. Of course there are many blogger/people who have to get good scores for promotion or something,especially in the TOEIC test. But in that case, I have no need to get good scores in the test, because I'm a freelancer and no one evaluate me using test results.

My last posting in this blog was about the TOEIC SW test. At that time when I wrote that article, it might be good for me to take that, because I needed to esteem myself especially in speaking and writing. Actually, many people learning English don't have oppotunities to use English, so taking tests like the TOEIC can be a good motivation to those who learn English. Some say "USING English is the best and only way to learn Enlish", but I can say that most of English learners aren't able to use English in our daily lives. Sometimes it cost lots, and honestly, most of us want to evaluate our improvement in some ways. The TOEIC test is a good way to check an improvement even though it can evaluate only in reading and listening.

I'm writing some negative prospects about taking exams, but I still believe taking these kinds of test can be a good meanings to achive our goals. I could get a job through tests, though I didn't have any experience in translating -- now I'm working as a translater and checker, though still quite novice.

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