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Today I'm going to buy an electronic dictionary. I already have one my husband bought for me, but its contents are simple and not enough for translators. That's why I've researched various types to buy. I checked some web sites and especially some blogs written by translators. Those pages are very useful and I finally can decide which to buy. That model is specialized for engineers and translators, and its cost performance is incredibly good. Actually, many good translators use good tools, so using those tools is one of the keys to deliver good results. After I get and use the new one, I'll give my impression.

This weekend, I'm going to take the TOEIC TEST. Almost a half year has passed since I took the test last time. Of course I want to get a good score, but currently I need to study for translating and that's why it's difficult to spend much time for the TOEIC TEST. I don't think I can get full score now, but I need to finish taking the test so often. Getting a full score is one way to terminate taking tests. I've spent a lot for TOEIC text books and exam fee. So it's time to quit spending time and money for tests.


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